Chapter 06



When Abby’s brother died, his jeep flew off the road, hit a tree, and then smashed into the rocks at South Point.  The accident report read ‘unsafe conditions’.

Will had used that term to shut Abby down successfully.  She would not be getting in the way of his good time.  He removed his coat and scarf then handed them to Jenny, the neighbor girl Caroline had hired to help at the party.  Then he entered the large main room, peeked around, made smiles to familiar neighbors, and made comments under his breath to Abby as to which smiling face was an idiot and which owed him twenty dollars.  Will’s beige wool sweater complimented his silver hair and contrasted his blue eyes in a way that made them look brilliant.  Will spotted the bar and walked there directly.  Abby did not follow him.

Abby picked up the white wine that she had set on the maple side table then headed toward the kitchen at the other end of the house.

Set out on the kitchen island was a buffet.  There was a bright orange ceramic plate with small chicken and egg meatballs covered in a ginger teriyaki sauce.  A baby blue square ceramic plate held enoki mushrooms wrapped in bacon.  There were many swiss, cheddar, and havarti cheeses with thin herb flavored crackers next to sopressata sausages, salami, tuna salad, potato salad, and a local favorite, cream cheese and green onion wrapped in sliced ham.  Abby picked up a small plate and fork and allowed herself to become distracted.

Especially enjoyable were the meatballs, they were downright addictive.  Lightly grilled in the ginger teriyaki sauce they tasted like candy.

“They’re delicious right?” said Mitch.  He had walked up to Abby from the side and she had not seen him.  Abby cleared her throat with a drink of wine.

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