Chapter 06



“Sorry I’m late,” said Will.

“You’re drunk!” said Abby.

Will’s eyebrows raised and his jaw dropped open.  Abby’s jaw clenched tighter.

“Are you Ok Uncle Will?” asked Caroline.

“Couldn’t be finer.”

Will reached into the truck, pulled out a bottle of wine, and then held the bottle into the air.

“I had two of these,” said Will, “one seemed to dry up.”

“Your intolerable Will Bellen!” snapped Abby.

Will was unfettered by Abby’s reaction to his entrance.

“Well if you are not going to invite me in, I’m coming in from the cold,” said Will and proceeded to the atrium choosing to tromp directly through the deep snow covered yard rather than by way of the driveway where the snow was clear.

Abby wanted to go back into the party and let Caroline deal with her father.  There would be no speaking to Will rationally.  Abby’s clenched jaw, ironically a trait from her father, made speaking tough.

When Will got to the steps of the porch he took them two at a time, though Caroline and Abby were not sure that was his plan.  He stumbled, almost dropping the wine, before setting the bottle on the top of the porch in front of him.

“Whoa,” said Will.

The women reached out their hands for Will then each grabbed an arm.  They pulled him to the top of the porch where he stood on his own balance.  The odor of smoked camels filled the porch and the women could see the purplish hue of Shiraz on Will’s lips.

Will bent over, picked up and then presented the bottle of wine to Caroline.  “So how are you this evening my dear Caroline?”

“Fine uncle Will.  Are you sure your ok?”

“Dandy.  What’s the weather like sunshine?”

“Partly cloudy, storm’s a comin’,” said Caroline.

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