Chapter 05



“Excuse me,” Abby said to Mitch and then walked to where Caroline was standing.

The loud revving truck engine could be heard shifting gears and there was a clinking of glass bottles that were clearly falling on top of each other.  Abby looked out the window and her teeth slowly started to grind.  She saw a 1961 blue Chevy pickup that, because so many guests had already parked, had tried to park on the snow covered edge of the driveway and had ended up on top of the recycling bins, already half full of containers from the party.  The driver was making a loud awkward unsuccessful attempt to correct his mistake.

Abby knew the pickup was a 1961 Chevy not because she was any type of auto aficionado.  Abby knew the owner of the truck and what condition he was in behind the wheel.

“I’ll go get him,” said Abby.

Caroline was by Abby’s side as Abby stepped out the door of the atrium.  The two women looked down the driveway from the elevated porch to the truck.  The truck did not appear to be stuck in the deep snow.  The driver was relentlessly trying to find a parking space to his satisfaction and was revving the engine to power through the snow.  The pickup was going two feet back and then two feet forward and then two feet back again.  The recycling bins and landscaping beneath the snow had fallen prey to the parking maneuvers.

“Will Bellen!” yelled Abby.

The truck was revving loudly.

“Will Bellen, get out that truck!”

The revving stopped.

“Will!  Turn off the key!”

The truck was now in a position where the driver’s door was blocked by the pine trees that skirted the yard.

There was a pause and then the engine of the truck stopped running.  The silence was peaceful.  Abby and Caroline gazed at the sleeping blue pickup sitting in the snow and waited.  Against the snow in the shadow of the pines the truck took on a cerulean hue.  With a heavy creak the passenger door opened.  Out into the snow climbed Will Bellen.  He thrust himself forward to make a couple of spry steps then teetered.  Will put one leg forward, unsatisfied he thrust the same leg a little farther out into the snow then fell back on the other leg finally coming to rest with a gentle sway.  Having achieved the great feat of standing up Will flashed his crystal blue eyes at the girls and showed all of his teeth in a grin.

* * * * *

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