Chapter 05



“Well of course O’Malley’s, there’s days I’d rather be there than the museum.”

Both laughed and clinked their glasses together in an ad hoc toast.

“El Greco,” said Mitch, Abby interrupted, “ — El Greco, yes!”

“El Greco,” said Mitch, “one of my favorite exhibits a few years back.”

“That was a good exhibit, I was an assistant curator on that one.”

“Well, I must say you did a good job.”

“Thanks for the compliment,” Abby paused, “You don’t know what I do there, do you?”

“Not at all,” said Mitch.  They both laughed again.  “Could you tell me what exactly a curator does because I did sincerely find the exhibit both enjoyable and memorable? ”

“Well in a nutshell a curator manages or executes all of the effort to put on an exhibit.  There is a lot of research, planning, gathering media and of course what needs to be exhibited, then there is marketing, most people do not associate curating with marketing, let me tell you, ” Abby nodded her head.

“So you organize the entire exhibit.”

“The entire exhibit.”

“Where does the research come from if you are already the biggest museum in the city?”

“We do have amazing archives.  We have to go through all of that stuff.  Oh we teach too sometimes.  I taught a class last year,” said Abby.  She took another drink.

“How do you go about gathering artwork from around the world?”

“That is a bit tricky.  You see most stuff comes from private collections and –,” Abby stopped.

The sound of a revving engine and breaking glass came from the driveway.  Some of the guests moved toward the atrium to look out the glass plate wall to see what was going on outside.  Abby scanned the room for Caroline then saw her already walking to the see what the disturbance was.  Caroline glanced back at Abby for a second, and then out the glass plate wall of the atrium.  Then without turning her head away from the ongoing action outside Caroline stretched her arm toward Abby then wiggled her fingers.

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