Chapter 05



“Ah,” said Caroline.  “There is someone I would like you to meet.”

Caroline lightly pulled Abby’s arm and led her across the room.

“You discovered our secret.  Well not so secret.  When Brian and I do a design, we actually don’t do the magic by ourselves.  We call on a third,” said Caroline.  “Abby, I would like you to meet Mitch Carlson, the magician.”

Abby let her eyes synch into Mitch’s dark brown eyes and was charmed by the quick to react curve of his lips.  His brownish black brushed back hair, a bit shaggy, went well with his white-collar shirt that hung loosely outside of his blue jeans.  Abby guessed that Mitch was some type of artist or craftsman by his dress and the relaxed air of confidence that shadowed him.  She had grown up with two such men.

When Mitch took Abby’s hand to greet her, she noticed that his skin was tough like coarse leather yet his muscular touch though firm was gentle.

“So you make it all happen?” asked Abby.

“Well the building part, Caroline and Brian handle the design,” said Mitch.

“You sell yourself short,” said Caroline.  “If it weren’t for Mitch we would be doing theory of design rather than implementing it.  Mitch has been working with us since we got out here, every design has his mark on it.”

“I love you too hon,” said Mitch, “You make me all gushy inside.”

“Seriously,” said Abby, “All of these projects sound exhausting.”

“Excuse me, the Franks are just getting here,” said Caroline as she stepped away leaving the two to talk.

“It’s not exhausting at all, really,” said Mitch.  “Abby, you’re the cousin from the city?”

“That’s me.”

“Your famous around here.  Working at the art museum, I love that place!”


“It’s one of the only places I care to see when I’m in the city.  There and O’Malley’s,” said Mitch.

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