Chapter 02



“Just that, is that so bad?  Oh yum, give me a lick.”  Abby reached over Caroline’s shoulder and dug her finger into the bowl of chocolate frosting her cousin had taken from the refrigerator.

“No, of course not.  But you can’t stay single forever, that small apartment of yours has to get lonely.”

“Yeah,” said Abby in a singing pitch, “but dating is really not going anywhere.”

Abby meant what she said about dating.  Though the city was chock full of interesting people and she had tons of great friends, all of the men she dated turned out to be flawed.  These flaws usually became apparent when she thought everything in the relationship was going well.

There was the graphic artist with the chiseled chin and the hazel eyes that could talk about color and design for hours and could have been a catch had he not had such a profane mouth.  The musician with the dark curly hair and the thin frame that declared women were not capable of the passions necessary to create true art, meaning that he thought women were inferior altogether.  Then there was the media exec a friend had set her up with, a philanderer that could not keep his eyes, much less himself from wandering.

“All of the men I am meeting are coming up losers,” said Abby.

“Hmm.  Well that’s lousy.  How are things at the Museum?” asked Caroline.

“Well, actually pretty good,” said Abby.

Abby was glad that Caroline had changed the subject from dating to the museum.

Last Friday had been the most incredible day at work.  Abby was assigned the Renoir exhibit and her boss Olivia hinted that she would be up for promotion when Olivia left for maternity leave.  Abby imagined herself a managing curator.  She would wear her hair up and abandon her plain ponytail.  She could buy real cosmetics, discard her jumble of drug store brands, and carry a proper handbag instead of her battered leather backpack.  She saw the promotion as an excuse for her to get serious.

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