Chapter 02



“I guess I was, and it feels like yesterday,” said Caroline pouring herself a cup of coffee.

“So how are you and Will fairing over at the studio?”

“Well, you know Dad.  He has a charming way of stressing me out.”

“I’m really sorry about that hysterical call before you left the city, I guess I kind of lost it huh?”

“No, I think I needed it.  It snapped me out of the state of denial I was in.  I think I thought if I ignored it, it would go away, but you were right.  He’s getting noticeably worse.  I called Dr. Roberts last week.  He said Dad’s tremors are happening more often than he’s letting on, of course.  He suggested I start looking for someone to help him around the house.”

“Hmm.   What do you think about that?  I can imagine what Uncle Will will think.”

“Yeah, he’ll hate it.  But I’m sure not going to hang around to take care of him, and I can’t have him burdening you guys.”

“Oh, he’s not a burden.  It’s just been a little tough lately, that’s all.  Hey, did you ever take that Asian cooking class you were talking about?  I have all the makings for these fantastic spring rolls.  Do you mind?  I’m a bit behind schedule?”  Caroline pulled a plate of shredded vegetables and a stack of wonton wrappers from the refrigerator and set them in from of her cousin.

“Sure.  I’ll give it a try.  I never told you what happened in that class.  I went to a few, but the whole group, except the teacher, were married couples and I felt out of place.”

“Was the teacher cute?”

“He kept hitting on me.”


“Well nothing!  He was older,” Abby paused, “and I’m not looking.”

“What do you mean you’re not looking?”

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