Chapter 01



Abby balanced on one blade then effortlessly switched to the other gliding over the frozen lake.  When she rounded the point to turn toward her cousin’s she could see that the eastern sky across the lake was already a dark hue of blue and the details of the trees along that shore were becoming indefinable.  Above the sky was grey while to the left in the western horizon remnants of soft sunlight were disappearing fast.

Rather than hugging the shoreline, Abby headed out toward the center of the lake.

The openness of the frozen lake and the brisk air was a welcomed change from Abby’s father’s mess back at the house on shore.  For Abby’s father bachelorhood had become a liberty from household responsibility.  When she had arrived at her father’s house on the lake, most every inch was covered with newspaper or clothing.  Before the house could be cleaned Abby spent a day simply organizing the mess.  All of the laundry needed to be done and there was not a clean dish in the kitchen.  What little was in the refrigerator had to be thrown out.  Her father had never been stellar at keeping house yet his skills had deteriorated to almost nonexistent in the twenty years since her mother had passed.

Abby’s father did not bide well with her ordering him around.  Often she had to seek him out in the studio when he was supposed to be helping her in the house, and though he would perform the tasks she asked of him, she could hear him grumbling under his breath.

Out on the ice there was no mess, no father to chase down, and Abby did not dwell on why she was in Willow Lake instead of the city.

In the catharsis of the skate Abby felt she could go the entire length of the lake.

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  1. loiseighmy says:

    Poor Abby! 🙁

    I look forward to seeing how she and her dad grow in their relationship with one another.

    I’m originally from the northeast, and I really miss the cold, snowy winters. This gave me a feeling of nostalgia! 🙂

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