Chapter 09



“You’ll do that?”

“Yes, I will,” said Mitch.

“Well ok then.”

Mitch walked to the end of the table.  He held his arm up and pointed at the four-ball, then pointed at the side pocket, and then he hovered his finger for a moment while he gauged the cue ball before placing his finger on the edge of the bumper.

“Gently,” said Mitch.

Abby leaned across the table and pushed her cue stick toward his finger gently as he had said.  The ivory ball went to the bumper and to the aubergine ball.  Upon being struck the ball slowly spun around into the side pocket.

“Well how do you like them apples?” Abby asked.

“There you go,” said Mitch.

Abby saw a shot she thought would be easy.  The seven-ball was at the corner of the table and a straight shot from the cue.  Abby walked around the table circling Mitch at the end where stood.  “Easy shot,” said Abby as she passed him.  Abby took the shot.  The cue ball bounced off the bumper next to the seven, missing the ball, and raced down the other side of the table right into the eight ball.  The eight ball and the cue ball went into the opposite corner pocket.

“Ouch,” said Mitch.  “A little too much spin I guess.”

Abby wrinkled her nose at Mitch, “I guess.”

* * * * *

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