Chapter 09



“You should stop by and see it tomorrow, if it’s on your way.”

Before making his shot Mitch raised his head and their eyes met, only for a second.  The acoustic duo was singing an old folk harmony.  Abby was sure she felt a spark and so did Mitch.  Mitch’s eyes returned to the green field of the table and fixed upon the twelve.  He pocketed the ball with a quick blow from the cue.  Abby complimented the obligatory, “Nice shot.”  This sounded flirtatious to Mitch, and though not necessarily intentional, encouraging.  He then shot the cue ball down the length of the table toward the thirteen sinking the thirteen and the fourteen.

Abby decided a little banter might be necessary and was coming up short.  “Tomorrow?  I suppose I could swing by.  Maybe around lunch?”

Mitch lifted his eyes from the table, “Ya, lunch would be great.  You know how to get there right?”

“I know,” said Abby.

Mitch missed his next shot giving Abby a chance to redeem her game.

The next shot was easy as the two-ball was on the edge of the corner.  The second shot that Abby needed to make was a bit more of a challenge.  The four was still sitting next to the pocket and was easily her best bet since she had no obvious other shots and there was no direct way to hit the four without banking the shot.  She stood at the corner of the table getting her bearing on an angle and then shifted to the other corner doing the same thing.  Abby then kneeled down to see the cue balls perspective, furrowed her brow for a moment, and nodded her head.

“Not a clue, do you?” said Mitch.

“Nope,” answered Abby.

“I’ll tell you what,” said Mitch, “I will walk to the end of the table and place my finger on the edge of the table.  All you have to do is aim at my finger.”

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