Chapter 09



Abby winked at Caroline, “He is kinda cute.”  They both smiled.

After the pool game Brian returned to the table, “Well I’m out.  Who’s next?”

Caroline spoke first, “Abby wants to play.”

Abby matched eyes with Mitch, already racking the balls for the next contender, smiled and stood from her chair taking the cue stick from Brian in the same motion then walked directly to the pool table, grabbed the chalk from the edge, and chalked her cue.

“You’ve done this before,” said Mitch.

“Once or twice,” replied Abby coyly.

Mitch finished racking the balls and slid the rack into the slot at the end of the table.

“Lady breaks,” said Mitch.

Abby leaned toward the table, moved the cue ball to the right of center, and then aligned herself for the shot.  She pulled her arm back and then in a single motion thrust forward.  A white streak struck the balls at the other end of the table.  The pool balls initially made a loud crackling sound as they clacked together and then spread across the table dropping three balls into three pockets.

“Let’s see,” said Mitch, “A three, five, and an eleven, two stripes and a solid, ladies choice.  You have done this before.”

The four was lined up with the pocket and Abby bent to take a sure shot.  Shooting too quickly at the ball, Abby failed to hit the ball square and rolled the four across the table away from the pocket.

“There goes beginners luck,” said Abby.

“It’s alright.  I thought they sent over a ringer.”

“Far from it, I haven’t played in forever.”

Taking his turn Mitch shot at the fifteen and put the ball in the corner pocket.  He then lined up for the twelve.

“Sounds like your project up at the Johansson house is really coming along,” said Abby.

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