Chapter 09



After another pitcher of beer, Brian and Mitch went to the pool table leaving Caroline and Abby alone.

“So what do you think?” asked Caroline.

“About what?”

“About Mitch, I know he likes you.”

“Maybe so,” Abby did not want to give in to Caroline’s line of questioning.

“I am sure of it,” Caroline stated in an exaggerated voice.

“He is a nice guy and all but –,”

Caroline cut her off “– But what?”

‘But what,’ what indeed, the sentiment echoed in Abby’s head.  That was a question Abby had not asked herself and maybe because she had enjoyed the beer or maybe the warmth in the room or maybe she had just been in denial because right now she realized that she did in fact like Mitch.  Not just like, she was also attracted to him.  Up until now there had been no question as to ‘but what’, the question had been moot.

“Caroline,” a non-answer suggesting that Caroline was joking.  Caroline’s face went falsely serious.  Abby added, “He lives here and I live in the city.”

They shared a giggle, which made light of the conversation and took a bit of the tension away that was building up in Abby’s mind.  Caroline was obvious in her intentions to set Abby and Mitch up and that did not bother Abby that much.  Caroline thought well of Mitch and Abby both and that Caroline proposed a match was a compliment to either of them.  What did bother Abby was that she herself was considering Mitch at all.  The last thing she needed would be to get involved with someone.  Abby was beginning to feel elated and overwhelmed.  She gazed over to the pool table where Mitch was leaning over to shoot.  The light above the table shown amber on Mitch, shadowing his contours, he was a handsome man.

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