Chapter 08



Will raised his voice again, “I think you need not worry about it.”

“Well how long do you think it will be ‘til I have to?  Give me a heads up so that I can know ‘now it’s the time to worry!’”  Abby threw down the broom and stormed out of the studio.

Will had never been one to yell yet lately his voice was rising quite a bit.  Yelling was something Abby was not accustomed to and certainly not going to stand for.

Will slowly walked over to where Abby had thrown the broom.  He bent forward and picked the broom up with his good hand.  His other arm was not shooting pain anymore.  Will opened his hand stretching his fingers wide and then pensively he closed them together into a tightened fist.  A fist that still felt weak.

* * * * *

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