Chapter 08



Down on one knee Will stared at the at the large triangle shard of grey clay with the cherry blossoms still intact and closely bound to their branches.  Across the floor were spread pieces of sparrow and blossom.  Will inspected the pieces where they fell while he massaged his weak arm.  The hand that had failed him was shaking slightly.  He squeezed his palm tightly to steady the shaking.  Then in a quick motion, without getting up from the floor, he grabbed the large shard with both hands and threw the clay at the wall letting out a loud wail as he did so.  The shard fragmented into small pieces upon hitting the wall.  Will’s face was red.  Needled pains shot through his weak arm.  He picked up another large piece next to him and threw this shard less forcefully than the first.  The shard landed short of the wall and broke apart on the floor.

The studio door swung open and in came Abby and Mitch.  Will was still kneeling over the broken urn.  Abby could see there was broken urn all over the floor at the end of the studio.  She knew exactly what had happened.  If the urn had just broken her father would have simply mended the clay before firing.  The debris was a tell tale sign that urn broke because of an episode.

“Are you alright Dad?”

Abby knew the answer before he spoke.

“Yeah,” said Will, “I tripped.”

“Are you sure that is what happened?”

Will raised his voice, “I said I damn tripped.  Isn’t that enough for you people?  It’s this damn floor.”

“Yeah, alright Dad.  We heard a loud noise and just came to see what the hell happened.”

Will was still rubbing his arm, his head bent toward the floor, “I guess I better get the broom and clean this up.”

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