Chapter 07




“No bother at all.”

Mitch peered past her to the whistling kitchen.

“Oh,” Abby glanced over her shoulder, “I was just about to have a cup of tea.  Would you like one?”

Mitch smiled and gestured toward the two coffees that he held in his hand.  “Right,” said Abby.  “Well come on in then.”

“It’s no problem?” asked Mitch.

“Don’t be silly.”

Abby opened the door farther and waved her arm back into the kitchen.

“Well here is the kitchen.  Let me take your jacket and have seat at the table,” said Abby.  She hung Mitch’s jacket on one of the hooks by the door then took the kettle from the stove.

Mitch raised a coffee cup toward the painting above the table, “That painting really captures the morning view of the lake.”

Abby paused and gazed at the painting, “The lake is lovely with the sun shining down on the surface.”  She then returned to the counter to prepare the tea.

“That’s pretty much the way the lake is right now.  It’s a beautiful day out there,” said Mitch.

“That is something I do miss about being out here.”

Abby stood at the counter for a moment then removed the steeped bags.  She brought two cups of Earl Grey tea to the table and set one in front of Mitch.

“You have to try this.  I am sure the coffee is getting cold by now.”

“It is,” said Mitch.  He actually had just bought the coffee at Lakeside Diner before coming over.

Mitch tasted the tea, “Its delicious.”

“It’s because of the honey.  I mixed it in with the milk.”

“Is this honey from Mr. Wilkin’s hives?”

Abby nodded, “A local treasure.”

“It is indeed local treasure,” said Mitch.  He pushed the bag forward, “So Caroline sent these.”

“Alas, the package.  What’s in there?”

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