Chapter 07



Caroline cut him off, “– No, not about that.”

“What do I think about what?”

“Oh never mind.”  Caroline frowned.  “Hey are you going up to the Johansson house this morning?”

“Sure am, why?”

“Would you mind dropping something off for me?” asked Caroline.

“No not at all.”

Brian’s eyes met with Caroline as she walked into the other room.  She scrunched her nose at him and grinned.

A moment later Caroline came back holding a paper bag, “Could you please drop these at the Bellen house?  It would be a big favor.  Abby forgot these and I want to get them to her along with some food for her and her Dad.”

“For Abby eh?  Well I guess.”

“Thanks Mitch, I would really appreciate it.  I have to get the twins ready for school and need to express mail those papers to the Walkers and–,”

“– Ok, ok no worries.  I have to run to the garage first but I can drop the bag off after that.”

* * * * *

Abby heard the whistle of the teakettle.  She pulled her sweater over her head and walked into the kitchen.  She was startled to see someone standing on the porch.  The shadow could not be Will because she had just seen him out by the lake.  A soft knock came on the door and Abby peered through the light lace curtain.  Mitch was standing on the porch in a dark brown Carhart jacket and bibs.  He held a ruffled brown paper bag under his arm and was gently knocking with two coffees stacked in his hand.  Abby opened the door with her usual ‘always happy to see you’ smile.“Hi there,” said Abby.  She sincerely was happy to see him.

“Hey there,” said Mitch.  “I’m sorry to bother you.”  He offered her the paper bag adding, “Caroline asked to me drop this off.”

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