Chapter 07



The buckwheat batter sizzled into perfect round circles upon the hot skillet.  Caroline always made perfectly round pancakes.  As a child her parents took the family to the Lakeside Diner every Sunday after church.  The cook used the skillet to flip the cakes way up in the air astonishing all of the wide-eyed children in for Sunday breakfast.  She had to use a spatula to flip them, which frustrated her just a little.  Every time Caroline had tried to flip pancakes with the skillet they ended up hanging off the edge of the pan or landed on the stove.

The twins were singing along with a man in an animal suit on the television when Caroline called to them to get ready for breakfast.  Their song switched from the sing along to an assailing yell as they ran toward the kitchen to reap the strawberry jam and maple syrup that would be covering the silver dollar pancakes their mother had made for them.

Andrew and Lily climbed onto the stools at the island counter and, paying no attention to their small forks, began eating the little stacks on their plates. “Pancakes, how yummy!” said Mitch as he walked into the kitchen with Brian.

“Have some.  There’s plenty,” said Caroline.  She handed Mitch a small plate and gestured toward the platter stacked with the silver dollars.

“Thanks Mom.  Don’t mind if I do,” Mitch took the plate and sat down on the end stool next to the twins.

“You threw a great party last night,” said Mitch to Caroline as she handed Brian a plate.

“We were so glad you came,” said Caroline.  She put the mixing bowl into the dishwasher.  “What did you think?”

“About the plans for the Walker house?  Well Brian just showed them to me and I think they are amazing as always, but the material costs are going to go way up.”

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