Chapter 50



When Abby entered the side entrance Louis, the security officer, welcomed her back.  They exchanged greetings as he passed her bag through the metal detector and she walked through one herself.  The detectors for employees were a necessary insurance formality that was mirrored by a quick bag check at the end of the day.

Abby made her way in to the recesses of the building toward the unadorned offices and let herself become consumed with thoughts of the responsibilities that would once again be hers.  She opened the main office door and made her way to her work area, an unkempt desk under a corner window with a flat panel monitor resting on an old stained blotter.  Stacks of oddly shaped envelopes, brochures, and trade magazines over-flowed her corner inbox.  Abby sank into her comfortable and familiar chair and set her coffee and muffin on the desk.  She contemplated whether to go through the pile of papers in her inbox or to turn on her computer, and then decided how nice to clean a little before the occupants of the other two desks, Olivia and Jules, arrived and took her day for a turn.

Abby reached for several of the envelopes at once.  She grabbed too many and some slipped out of her hands spilling coffee on the edge of her desk and across the cover of a book on renaissance period artists.  She quickly opened her bottom drawer to find the paper towel roll she kept there and soaked up the small spill.  No damage done though as she finished mopping up the mess she saw a note that she had scribbled on her desktop shortly before leaving for the lake.  The note read ‘patch all things up with Dad—you love him’.  Abby held the wet paper in her hand while she read the note and thought about her state of mind when the letter had been written.  The note was written not that long after speaking with Caroline.  Caroline had her half convinced that Will had one foot in the grave.  That may or not have been true, yet the essence of the note was that she really wanted to remedy whatever rift was between them.

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