Chapter 50



Abby reached into her pocket for the two crumpled dollar bills put aside for the coffee and poppy seed muffin.  The two young women waiting in line behind her were talking rapidly about a date one had gone on the night before while they simultaneously texted on their phones, the conversation was the same Abby had heard herself have many times before.  The fella seemed nice enough still all in all the date was a dud.  She did not have to listen hard for the details because dates like these were universal.  Thoughts of work had filled her mind since she awoke this morning, by the time she reached the coffee window she was thinking of Mitch again.  The reprieve had been short and her stomach quickly sank.

The morning commute was going to consist of a detour through the park then Abby decided to take the avenue.  At a crosswalk she watched a street vendor set up his table for the day.  His wares were sunglasses and as he pulled out each pair to place on the table, he polished each lens.  She had seen him do this often and was impressed with the special care that he took wiping each lens, then holding the frame to the light, the pride that he had for his product.  Each morning on the short walk to work there were always familiar faces and so many more she had never seen before.  Abby could easily pass a hundred people she had never seen in her life, all of them on there way somewhere.

When Abby rounded the corner to the museum, she was pleased to see the majestic steps of the façade.  Some people she knew that worked at other landmarks in the city told her that going to work was just like any other job.  Abby however did not know anybody at the museum that did not feel some form of reverence for the grandeur of the place.  Employees of the museum may have found their day-to-day duties mundane, yet if asked they would tell you that they felt privileged to perform those duties there.

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