Chapter 49



When Nathan arrived at the Bellen’s after lunch and walked into the studio he did not know what to say to Will.  Every light in the studio was on and the music was blaring.  The temperature was high because Will had kilns firing away.  Urns were set up on the worktable near the kiln room ready to be fired and at the table in front of the big bay window with his back to the lake was Will, serene in the midst of a storm.

“Hi there Will,” Nathan yelled.  Will did not hear him.  Nathan leaned forward so that Will could see him and yelled again, “Hey there!”  This time Will peered up over his glasses and yelled toward Nathan, “Can you turn the music down?!  I can’t hear you!”

Nathan went to the stereo and turned the volume down to a tolerable level.  “There,” said Will, “Now I can hear you.  What were you yellen’ about any way.”

“No wonder you didn’t answer the phone,” said Nathan.

“Phone?  Couldn’t have heard it, the music was on.”

Will tilted his head back down and continued working on the soldiers.

“I just was calling to check in on you and to let you know that I was doing the shopping,” said Nathan.  He now noticed that Will was working on figurines, he also noticed a lot had been done since he had left the night before.  “So, you’ve been up all night.”


“I didn’t know you did that kind of work,” said Nathan, curiously leaning into the table and slipping his hands into his pockets.

“I didn’t,” said Will, then he shifted his cool blue eyes at Nathan and grinned, “but I do now.”  Will then bent his head back down.  “Have a seat, you make me uncomfortable when you hover.”

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