Chapter 48



When Michael entered the studio he yelled, “Surprise!”  Abby yelled back at her brother, “No, you Surprise!”

This confused Michael.  He examined Abby in her paint smock covered in splotches of green and black paint then over her shoulder to the worktable.  On the table, lined up in formation, were all of Michaels soldiers, the General standing in front of them.  The General’s hand, gun, and boots were black and his uniform was blue, even his little face was painted peach.  All of the little figures were painted, even the horses.

“So what do you think?” asked Will.

“They’re incredible, can I touch them?” asked Michael.

“Sure they’re yours, you made them,” said Emily.

“We just helped with the finishing touches,” said Will.  “They had to be fired to be made hard.  Pick one up, you’ll see.”

Michael picked up the General turned the tiny soldier in his hands, across the shoulder was painted a gold braid, and on his chest was a tiny red ribbon.  The arm that reached out and above him now appeared properly commanding with his sword painted silver.

Michael then picked up a horse and marveled at that as well.  After setting the horse down, he picked up a soldier.  The soldier was in a green uniform like all of the others.  All the while he held onto the General.

As Will remembered, Michael held onto the General most of that summer and into the winter.

This taught Michael the magic of creating, and Michael worked in the studio ever since, learning everything to learn about the studio.

Now Will held the General in his hand.  He inspected the little commander closely.  The General did not have a face or fingers, however the little body was proportionately close for a figurine.  The sword had broken off long ago still the General’s arm was still raised in the air to lead his troops.

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