Chapter 48



Michael’s most successful pieces were his clay soldiers.  The soldiers were very detailed with rifles and helmets.  Michael’s favorite, the General, even had a handgun.

One day before Michael went to dinner Will asked him to gather up all of his favorite soldiers.  Michael gathered up the horses and the carts, the rifleman and the grenadiers and lined them all up on the worktable on a big sheet of white paper his father had laid out for him.  From the days of work there were now over two hundred figures.  Standing in front of all of the men and horses was the General.

Will told Michael that the soldiers were magnificent and that he should leave them there and go off to dinner.

The next morning after breakfast, Michael was ready to go right back out to the studio again.  “You need to help me shop in the village this morning,” Emily told Michael.  The little boy’s shoulders shrugged in defeat, he so wanted to be out in the studio with his Father.  Michael felt that was where his place was to be, so much so that he shared the sentiment with his mother.

“I’m supposed to be in the studio Mommy,” said Michael.

“Well, that may be the case most days,” said Emily.  “But, today you’re supposed to be at the supermarket.”

Without any further fuss, Michael and Emily were off to the market while Abby stayed behind with Will.

Mother and son shopped at the IGA where Michael was allowed to push the cart and reach for groceries as Emily called them off the list.  Then at the check out Michael helped put the groceries on the electric belt and with the bagging.

Emily and Michael returned home early afternoon.  Michael helped his mother bring in the groceries.  He wanted to start to put them away as he often did.  This time his mother suggested they go out to the studio and bring Will and Abby some sodas because the day was so hot.  Emily opened two bottles of soda and handed them to Michael and off he ran for the screen door with Emily after him to slow down.

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