Chapter 47



The movie was not so bad.  The hero somehow reminded Abby of Mitch, as did the villain because of his eyes.  The theater conjured up a sense memory of Mitch’s embrace, though she liked that.  When the movie ended, she sat in her seat until the credits had rolled and the lights had come up.  Then with her empty soda cup in hand Abby exited to the aisle and slowly strode up to the waiting daylight.

Abby’s plan had been to walk out of the theater refreshed with some new insight.  This of course was not the case.  The pit of her stomach felt bitter.  Abby turned on her cell phone anticipating a list of messages, any message, any distraction.  There were none.

Abby started to walk, again away from her apartment.  The people on the street were now wisps in the corner of her eye.

Abby’s thoughts circled back to Mitch and the call from the night before.  The more she thought about the night the more she ached.  Abby realized she had not really eaten anything and decided she better get something in her stomach.  Surely some food would settle her emotional state.

Abby stopped for a slice at a pizza joint.  Through the window a young Latino man spun a disc of dough between his hands with his fingers spread open, his hands coming together and then going apart, again, and again in a fluid motion.  The whole time he spun the dough he chatted and laughed with a younger squat teen behind the register.  In mid-conversation and without warning the pizza maker did a twirl with his hands and the dough disc spun high in the air floating above him only to come down where he caught the dough again and continued spinning the disc.  Abby smiled and paused to watch him do this three more times before going in.  He never blinked or stopped his conversation with his young friend.  The dough was merely an extension of the young man and his actions were automatic, requiring no thought.  If she were to try that, Abby thought, there would be dough spread across the kitchen.  The key was that the young man was not trying so hard.  He was just doing.  There was no focus, just action and if she didn’t over think things, life would still ebb and flow.  Abby knew what she needed to do if she wanted some normalcy back as soon as possible.  She needed to get back to work.

* * * * *

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