Chapter 46



“What brings you up here Caroline?” Mitch asked without turning his head toward her.

Caroline smiled at his apparent sixth sense, “Did you see me pull up the drive?”

“It’s that floral perfume you’re wearing, China Flower,” said Mitch.

Caroline chuckled lightly, “It’s China Rose, but that’s good.”  She stepped toward the window so that she was standing near him.  Crossing her arms across her chest, she peered out over the lake.  Mitch continued to bang the inside of the flue a few more times before maneuvering himself out of his awkward physical position and setting down the small section of two by four he had been using next to him.

“What are you doing?” asked Caroline.

Mitch spun around and sat on the floor, he responded by reaching into the fireplace and moving the handle of the flue back and forth.  From inside the chimney came a series of squeaks and thugs.

“There,” said Mitch, “the handle was a little loose.  All set now.”

Arms still crossed, Caroline shifted her gaze down from the window to Mitch and raised her eyebrows.  “That’s great,” said Caroline.

“Well it’s ok, good at best,” said Mitch.  If he had a sixth sense then he was now sensing that Caroline had something else on her mind that was making her slightly pensive and that he was about to find out what that was.  Mitch would not have to wait long to see if he was correct.

“You are here alone today,” said Caroline.  Her feet began to tap one to the other.

“Yea, the fellas went to get some things from town,” said Mitch.  He peeled off his heavy leather gloves and rested his arms on his knees.

“Brian said they would be gone for the rest of the day.”

“So you knew I was up here alone?”

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