Chapter 46



Caroline parked her Subaru in the back circle drive of the Johansson house.  The morning was late and the sun was high in the sky.  The light reflecting off the snow made her eyes tighten when she slipped off her sunglasses.  Brian had been here earlier in the day and when he returned home, he mentioned that the carpenters had run to Fremont for supplies leaving Mitch alone at the house.  Caroline had wanted to speak to Mitch so she told Brian that she had errands to run and drove directly to the worksite.

Caroline tapped her sunglasses on the steering wheel a couple of times then took a key fastened with a green bread tie from the console and opened the door of the Subaru.  The key unlocked the large wooden doors to the foyer.  She could hear hammering coming from the front of the house.  Saying nothing as she entered, Caroline removed her gloves and scanned for signs of progress on work since her last visit a few weeks ago.  Her face revealed no reflection as to what her thoughts were on the matter.  A person of expectation, Caroline would only respond if anything were out of sorts from predicted.  Things in the Johansson house were as she expected them to be.

The furnace was on and the foyer was quite cozy.  Caroline removed then folded her coat over the banister of the front stairwell and then ran her thumbs along her waist adjusting her pencil skirt before walking into the next room.

When Caroline entered the hearth room Mitch did not appear to notice.  He was kneeling on a piece of cardboard in the fireplace with his head awkwardly cocked up toward the flue.  The hammering sound was coming from a piece of wood Mitch was knocking against something up inside.  She stood silent in the door and watched.  In just a t-shirt, Mitch’s muscles appeared contorted as he bent forward and twisted his torso up to his side.

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