Chapter 44



Once on the street Abby stretched her legs and moved with purpose.  She dropped the dry cleaning off and then kept going in the direction away from the apartment with no particular destination in mind.  The sidewalks and streets appeared clean with the snow freshly melted from the midmorning sun.  People were out on their lunch breaks, running errands or in the city just to shop.  The smells of the restaurants, their lunch crowds chattering as she walked by, did not appeal to her.  Abby had coffee and a muffin this morning and nothing since, yet was not really hungry.

Abby thought going to a movie would be a good distraction yet when she turned the corner to the small neighborhood theater she hesitated, reminiscing of a few days prior.  The memory warmed her, yet she still did not want to think about that day too much.  Going into the theater would be fine, and silly not to.

Abby approached the ticket counter to see what was playing on the three screens.  Her lucky day, she thought, a date movie, and a romantic foreign film, both she had been waiting to see and a lousy action movie about a robot blowing everything to pieces.  This was a no brainer for Abby.  She bought a ticket for the action movie.

* * * * *

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