Chapter 44



Abby had thought about going back to work first thing then realized that she needed to take a day to get things sorted.  One more day was not a big deal, as she was not expected back any way.  She called Olivia at the museum to check in.  Olivia asked about lunch and went on to describe how unbelievably tired the pregnancy had made her.  Abby was no more up for lunch than she was for going into the museum.  To catch up on all of the latest gossip was fun though.  The five-minute phone call easily turned into forty-five minutes.  The best part of the forty-five minutes was that Abby did not have to bring up anything concerning Willow Lake.  When Olivia did ask how her father was, Abby replied that her father was fine and that was the end of that, refreshing.  There was plenty of talk about coworkers and Henry, Olivia’s partner, and an event that Abby had missed.  All were fun topics and Abby enjoyed the conversation.  When Abby finally put down the phone and the reality of being back in her apartment struck, she no longer needed affirmation as to whether coming back to the city had been the right thing to do.  Her doubts rested with how she could have done anything differently.

Abby decided that she needed to keep herself busy.  She got up from her comfy couch and started to clean up from the night before.  Now was the time for the cleansers to come out.  The apartment needed a scrub down anyway.  Cleaning the bath and kitchen took up the rest of the morning.  Then she made a list of errands.  The problem was that the list was short.  Abby had taken care of most everything before she left.  There was dry cleaning to drop off and she could stop by the market on the way back from whatever she did.  She grabbed the dry cleaning and scurried out of the apartment to the elevator.

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