Chapter 42



Will relaxed his shoulders and his brow.  He smiled.  “There,” said Will.  When Will was with the clay nothing else could cloud him.  This interlude had chased away the thoughts he could not otherwise escape.  He considered himself a good person.  Emily would not have married him otherwise.  How he could hurt anyone, he could not fathom.  He literally could not fathom.  There was a lot of clay, and there were many orders.  All he had to do was keep busy.  That would not be hard from here on out.

Will began to caress the sides of the clay.  To start the dance this way had not been necessary still the dance had begun.

* * * * *

Nathan had gone home after dinner.  Will had told Nathan he was going to want to stop early.  The day had been long.  Though Will had put on his usual good face Nathan knew that he was bothered.  He had only been with the Bellens’ for a few days yet he could see that hidden in their family there was much pain.  When Nathan got home to his apartment overlooking Willow Lake, he looked back at the Bellen Studio across the water.  He could see the lights of the studio shining out into the night.  There would be no rest for Will tonight and Nathan felt that in the city there would surely be no rest for Abby.  Nathan went to his bedside and knelt down.  He clasped his hands together and said a prayer in the Lord’s name for the Bellen family.

* * * * *

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