Chapter 41



Abby put down the phone and rest back on her bed.  The pitch in Mitch’s voice was one she had heard from herself more than once.  The voice that said ‘Don’t worry about me’.  She now knew for sure that he felt the same way about her as she did about him.  Abby really did not doubt that before.  She ran her fingers through her hair and then sat up letting out a sound of frustration.  She stood up and took off her shirt and pants and in her panties walked to the bathroom to turn on the shower.  Once in the bathroom, she decided to draw a hot bath instead with bubbles and salts.  To be back in her apartment among her things felt good and after travelling a bath would relax her.  She could sort out the discussion with her father, the phone call with Mitch, or just forget everything altogether.

When the bath was ready, the whole room smelled like lilac and rose.  Abby dimmed the lights and slipped into the tub.  She let herself ease into the hot soapy water slowly.  The bubbles tingled on her skin as she slid through them.  The hot water held her.  At the back of the bath, Abby had rolled soft terry towels, and she let her head rest against them.  The bath was silent, warm, and enveloping.

Abby rested in the steamy bath and let the world wash away.  She began to drift and let herself relax in both body and mind.  As her mind relaxed, images of Mitch began to return.  Memories of the phone call had been put aside.  Passing through her mind now were the images of the intimacy they had shared.  She imagined the contours of Mitch’s chest, muscular and firm, and how she had pressed her head against him and held his back with her hands spread open to pull all of him to her.  Abby could see Mitch’s deep brown eyes peering into hers and could feel his breath on her neck.  Her stomach had been unsettled all day because of the emotional evening the night before.  Her insides yearned the recognizable ache that comes from wanting to be close to someone, to be close to someone that you care about and cares about you.  She caressed herself for comfort, imagining that the touch, soft, gentle, and tender was Mitch’s.  Abby’s eyes began to lightly tear as she let her self go with her imagination.

* * * * *

When Abby felt the water cold around her, she was unsure how long she had let herself relax.  Sleep must have overtaken her.  The day had been long.  She removed herself from the bath and felt a cool chill, the room no longer warmed by the heat of the water.  She dressed in her robe and then toweled off her hair.  Leaving the dim light of the bathroom on she went directly to her bedroom.  If Abby went to bed sleep would still be close.  Sleep was close.  Sometime later, she awoke abruptly in her dark room overwhelmed that she had made a dreadful mistake.

* * * * *

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