Chapter 40



“Hello, Hello.”

“It’s Abby.”

“Yea, I mean Hi,” said Mitch.  Mitch now stood straight composing himself.

“I can’t hear you that well.”

“Just a second, I’ll go near the porch.”  Mitch walked quickly onto his screen porch, grabbing a jacket by the door to pull over his t-shirt.

“I tried to call you,” said Mitch.  “Earlier.”

“Yea, my phone didn’t have any reception.”  Abby had planned a drawn out explanation, as was her nature she went direct, “I was on the train.”

“I see,” said Mitch.  His voice had lowered then he quickly recovered, “I didn’t realize you needed to get back so soon.”

Relieved at Mitch’s response Abby quickly said the first thing that came to mind, “Well, something came up this morning and I didn’t really have time to get things in order at the lake.  I’m really sorry.”  She asked herself if that sounded as bad as she thought.

“No don’t worry about it, things come up,” said Mitch, his heart pounding.

“I plan to get back to the lake again soon though.”

“That would be great!”

“Yea,” said Abby.

“So, you’re probably tired of traveling all day?”

“Yea.  I better get some rest.”  This was to be a quick call.

“Well, ok then, thanks for calling.”  Mitch could not get off the phone fast enough.  He felt like he was fourteen.

“Well all right, see you when I get up to the lake,” said Abby.

“See you then,” said Mitch.

And that was all.

Mitch looked into the phone in disbelief.  His heart sunk deep into his chest.  The porch was cold.  He had only socks on his feet and his whole body was numb.  He had known that things had been left awkward with Abby yet this had struck him by surprise.  What had he done, what had he said that scared her off.  Mitch looked up to the screen facing the lake and could see only darkness behind.  He shook his head, turned back into his cabin, and sat back on the couch.  His guitar sat at the other end where he had just put the instrument while stumbling to the phone.  Mitch raised his brow, reached for his guitar, and began to play where he thought he had left off.  The melody still sounded passionate and sweet and now also a touch melancholy.

* * * * *

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