Chapter 40



Mitch had left two messages on Abby’s phone.  He called again then hung up when her voicemail began.  He was afraid of sounding like a stalker.  He was convinced that her cell phone battery had died and did not want to be the guy that had left fifteen messages.  By trying to call back periodically he was confident that he would catch the phone recharging.  By afternoon he stopped calling all together because he decided that if she had heard his messages and had chosen not to call him, he would still come off as a stalker.  All he could do was wait.

Mitch took his guitar in hand and sat on the couch.  He let his hand lightly brush up and down the strings as he searched for a chord.  The fireplace was lit and the flame shown on the side of his face.  He began to play a wandering melody that soon formed into a softer and sweeter version of the Ode to Abby melody he had composed earlier.  He closed his eyes and thought about the theater.  Abby’s kisses so soft and intent, her body so nimble, and her passion so giving.  Mitch pushed the ache he was creating from his chest out to his fingers adding lightly defined notes to the warm melody.  His inside warmed with the images of Abby and the room warmed by the music she inspired.  He felt less lonely and only now realized he had ever been lonely at all.

When the phone rang Mitch almost did not hear.  Mitch awoke from his daze.  The guitar stopped and a sobering silence took place of the warm music.  Mitch almost tripped over himself getting across the room to answer the phone.

“Hello,” said Mitch.

“Mitch,” came the voice on the other line.

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