Chapter 39



“Well, I feel a bit better about Will.  But I gotta say, you know how to pour on the guilt.”

Of course Abby would need to call Mitch, yet what to say?  “Sorry and thanks for the good time,” she thought.  How many times in her life had she let a man put her in that position?  Now the shoe somehow ended up on the other foot and did not fit her well.

“What are the words?” asked Abby.  Caroline was her best friend since childhood, Abby should have known better.

“You will have to find your own and you had better think of them quick because this can’t be put off until tomorrow, that would be childish beyond cruel,” said Caroline.  That Caroline was always right usually assured Abby yet this time she felt as though she had been a child caught doing something wrong.

“Ok, ok.  I’ll call Mitch as soon as we get off the phone.”

* * * * *

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