Chapter 37



Abby flipped through a copy of the City News that someone had left on the train with little interest.  Will had taken her to the station in Fremont midmorning after a stop at the cemetery to wipe the snow away from her mother and brother’s stones.

As the train came through the next populated area Abby’s cell phone chimed.  She saw a new message in her voicemail inbox.  She put the phone to her ear and struggled to hear the message.  She could not entirely decipher what was being said.  She could hear Mitch’s deep voice through the static and did get the four words that mattered, “give me a call.”  She placed the phone on her lap realizing that she may have blundered.  Abby could have at least stopped by to say good-bye yet had decided that she did not want to complicate things, that she had was obvious to her now.  Opening her cell phone, she could see that the chance to call back would have to wait until she returned to the city.  That would be for the better because that would give her a chance to call Caroline.

* * * * *

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