Chapter 36



Mitch raised his hand above his right ear and then let his arm fly forward, releasing the dart too early.  The steel tip planted into the green cork above the twenty, the second to miss the board in a row.  He had been throwing darts for the last hour.  Playing cricket against himself and not faring so well.  On most occasions, his precision was spot on however Mitch was not really paying much attention to the board.  His thoughts were where they had been most of the week, with the girl with the chestnut hair.  He thought about how she smelled.  He thought about how she talked.  He thought about how she smiled, laughed, and tasted.

Mitch thought about the way that Abby Bellen made him feel.  Certainly she made him feel good, there was that, she was a pleasure to be around, and there was more than that too.  She made him physically feel something in the pit of his stomach.  He felt a flutter, an ache, and nausea all at once.  Maybe he was coming down with something, whatever that something was felt stronger when she was near.  He threw another dart scoring not on the twenty rather the eighteen.

Mitch did not like the way things had left off yesterday when he last saw Abby.  He had tried calling the Bellen house today and no one had answered.  He was not exactly sure what he wanted to say to Abby.  What was his next move?  Dinner he supposed, though that seemed so formal.  He reasoned they had already had a date at the theater, definitely a date, so why not ask her out for another.

Mitch walked to the dartboard and pulled a dart from the board and two from the wall, prying one that had sunk deep.  He marked an eighteen on the chalkboard and then walked back to throw badly again.

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