Chapter 34



“You know.”

“There you go,” said Will.  He stopped at the kitchen doorway.  Abby was at the sink shuffling dishes around with her back to him.

“Whadda ya mean there I go?”

“There you go again.  I’m supposed to know what you mean, and, you bringing up Michael,” Will raised his voice, “Christ your brother’s dead!”

Abby stopped shuffling the dishes, raised her head, and with out turning asked, “Is he?  Is he the one that’s been dead for the last twelve years?”

“What kind of damn question is that?”  Will raised and placed his hand on the back of his neck.

Abby turned toward him, “How about the last twenty?”

“Last twenty?”

Abby looked as deeply as she could into her father’s eyes, “Yea, Daddy,” said Abby, “twenty years ago when Mom passed away and you started pretending I wasn’t there.  You think I didn’t notice.  Oh, but Michael.  You embraced Michael.  It was always Michael.”

Abby raised her voice, “I was right here Daddy!”

Abby took a breath.  Calmly she added, “I was hurting too.  And when Michael died…”  Abby nodded her head, “I was hurting then too.  And we could have had each other then, but no, you pretended like you were the last member of the family, like you were alone.  He was the last of the ‘Bellen Line’, isn’t that what you said at his funeral?  Do you know how that made me feel?  You made me feel alone.  You make me feel alone.”

Will did remember saying that at Michael’s funeral.  He of course had been devastated by Michael’s death, had he really excluded his daughter?  He couldn’t honestly remember much, everything was dark when he thought back to then, and he did not ever try to think back to then.

“Abby that’s not at all true.  I didn’t know what I was saying, my son died –,”

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