Chapter 34



A soft knock came upon Abby’s bedroom door, yet Abby continued going through her closet.  The knock came again accompanied by Will pleading, “C’mon let me in.”  She took the clothes in her hands from the closet and moved them to the bed with her back to the door.

“I’m sorry, open the door,” said Will.

Abby went on sorting clothes.

“Hey listen, I’m sorry, for whatever I did, I’m sorry,” said Will.

Abby stood straight from organizing the clothes on the bed with some still in hand.

“Whatever you did, you’re sorry?” asked Abby.

“Yes,” said Will, thinking this a quick end to his plea, “now open the door.”

Abby threw her arms straight down, still holding the blouse she was folding, and turned to the door, “You don’t know what you did?”

“Well maybe.  Open the door, let me explain,” said Will, realizing he had been overconfident.

The door flew open in front of Will and Abby marched out passed him, “Let you explain.  Explain what?”

“Why I didn’t answer.”

Abby turned back to Will.  “Is that all you think you did,” said Abby and then kept going down the hall, leaving Will standing in the doorway.

“You just caught me off guard,” said Will.  Will began to follow Abby.  He caught up to her in the lake room, “ I hadn’t thought about –.”

Abby cut him off, “—Another Bellen besides Michael?”

Abby kept going into the kitchen.  She had processed what had happened in the studio.  The question was not of Will deliberating whether or not she should stay and help.  Abby realized that he was spinning again about her brother.  To Abby, the issue with Will was always her brother.

“Now hold on,” said Will walking across the lake room.  “Now what exactly is that supposed to mean?”

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