Chapter 33



Abby could not believe that Will had gone catatonic on her offer to help in the studio.  The thought that to have her work beside him bothered him so badly and not give a reason, not even a response, infuriated her.

“I guess that’s a no,” said Abby.  She waited for a reply.  Abby had to give him one more opportunity, not out of compassion this time, rather to verify that what he was truly doing was emotionally shunning her, shutting her out, and not the first time.  The response did not come.  After the pause Abby said, “I’ll be packing in the house,” and then she turned and walked away.

Will stayed in the position he was in with his head turned down.  He was unaware that Abby had said anything or that she had even walked away.  Will was away in his own little world.

Abby left the studio and walked the newly shoveled path to the house.  Her eyes did not well with tears yet her cheeks were flush and her jaw was tight.  Once in the house, she went into her bedroom and shut her door.  Abby began frantically removing clothes from the bureau and closet and placing them on the bed.  The morning would be too long to wait to leave this house.

* * * * *

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