Chapter 33



Will stepped over to the window next to Abby and looked out onto lake with his hands behind has back and a grin upon his face.  He glanced back at Nathan and then at Abby and said, “You know you had a good idea here.  I like this fella, spies on me a bit though.”

Abby glanced back at Nathan, he had heard Will, and then with a smile to Will, “Does he?”

“Not all the time, but he sure is curious every time I have a nip.”

“I’ll bet.”

“Prays a lot too.  Not just at meals, all day.  That’s ok though, I like ‘em.”

“Good…  So, Dad, I’m pretty much ready to head back to the city.  The house is in order.  You’re saying that Nathan is working out.  But I was thinking…”

“What’s that you’re thinking about dear?”

“Well I was thinking, the museum doesn’t need me back right away, and you have so many orders, I was thinking the studio maybe could use another Bellen for a few days, or longer.  Whadda ya think?”

Will’s smile went away from his face and his hands slipped from behind his back to his front pockets.  He dropped his head and clenched his jaw, grinding his teeth a little.  Though not long at all, to Abby the pause lasted for some time.  She tried to keep smiling then her eyes began to fail.  Abby could see that Will’s head was going through some elaborate deliberation process.  She wondered why would he have to do that.  That there would be a chance he would say no had not occurred to her a few minutes before.  She no longer smiled.

Will said nothing.  He was not deliberating at all, caught off guard he was in some type of shock.  Whatever had manifested as new compassion toward her father washed away with his solemn rejection.  He could not even humor her to look her in the eyes.  He knew that their relationship was diminishing and still he could not help himself.  He was overtaken by a void and there were no words he could share with her.  Will was engulfed with the thought that the only recent Bellen to work in the studio beside him was Michael.  Abby had triggered some kept emotion that he knew too well yet had not felt in some time.

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