Chapter 33



Abby walked over to the large bay window.  The icicle-laden eave of the studio cast a shadow on the sill.  She had spoken with Nathan to set her comfort level enough to head back to the city.  Her plan was to get a good night’s rest and leave in the morning.  Abby had come to tell her father yet as she gazed upon the lake a thought occurred to her.  Seeing her father today reminded her of how he used to be.  Maybe she was rushing off too soon.  Perhaps if she spent more time with her father things would change between them.  Perhaps she could fulfill her mother’s promise.  All he needed was someone to take care of him.

Abby looked at her father and was filled with new compassion.  How handsome he appeared standing with his hands behind his back walking around his studio as the master craftsman.  She thought for a moment how lucky she was to have a father that was such a craftsman, an artist, and a true one in a million.  How precious their time really was together.  With that, she decided that the museum could wait a little longer.  Maybe she would take an early sabbatical.  In a moment of spontaneity, Abby asked Will to come over to the window.

Abby had long thought about working in the studio with her father even if only in the back of her mind.  Will had a large number of special orders and backorders for his regular clients.  Abby knew her father could use her help.  She knew the standard Bellen designs and could surely help with the backorders.  The criteria for the Bellen mark was that they were made by Bellen hands, she had those.  She quickly rationalized that if ever there was a time to offer up help, she should now, Will needed help and he would be happy for this chance for his daughter to work with him.  Abby’s mind flashed to throwing clay high into urns and tending kilns until dawn.  She saw images of her and her father doing detail work in the studio together late into the evening.  This would be the way she would reach out to him.  She determined to offer to do so.

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