Chapter 33



The large acrylic brush coated the two-foot urn with a now soft green viscous glaze.  After seasoning in the kiln, the glaze would become a clear thick lacquer.  Nathan had four urns to glaze and this was his second.  Will hovered above coaching him not to be afraid to ‘glop’ large amounts of glaze onto the urn.  Will had his glasses on so he could see exactly what was happening.  His energy was up today and he had been working at a good pace.

Abby was surprised to see Nathan glazing.  “Didn’t take long to find Nathan something to do other than just sweeping up,” said Abby.

Will lifted the corner of his top lip.  Abby was sure a biting comment would follow, and then he eased back.  “Eh,” said Will, “If I’m going to keep up on the current orders Nathan will have to do something around here that can help me out.  It’s a job I give to most interns.”

Nathan appreciated Will’s hidden compliments in their banter.  Nathan smiled when Abby winked at him.  Helping in the studio had been one of the enticing draws to the position.

Abby leaned over Nathan’s shoulder, “Everything working out so far?”

“Will’s a gem,” said Nathan, and then added softly and quickly, “We’re getting along fine.  I’ve found my way around the house and the studio easily enough.  Will has not stepped in front of my duties and in the short time that I’ve been here, I’ve been able to move through the bedrooms to do the laundry, through the kitchen for cooking and shopping, and freely through each room to keep the place tidy.  And Will has been really great to get along with, I think Will is delighted in having assistance around the house.”

Nathan added, “Oh and as you suspected, Will has replenished the not so well hidden bottles of brandy around the house that you had thrown out.  I have also seen Will drinking brandy several times when he thought I wasn’t looking and he openly drinks wine around me throughout the day when you’re not around.”

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