Chapter 32



“Caroline, what am I supposed to say.  That is so sad,” said Abby.  “When you say broke down what do you mean?”


“What about his family?”

“There’s no family, he’s somehow the last of his people.  He never knew his mom and his dad disappeared when we were in school.”

“I gotta say I’m touched but c’mon Caroline.”  Abby felt insulted.  “You think I remind him of this Marcy.  That’s just wrong.”

“I don’t think it’s so, it’s been years,” said Caroline, she could see that Abby had been caught in the allure of the story.  “He knows you’re going back to the city and that probably just freaks him out in general.  I mean if there is really something going on between you two that would make sense.”

Abby put her finger to her temple and fixed her eyes to Caroline.

“And what’s this thing about the city?” asked Abby.

“Mitch grew up in the city, simple as that I think.”

“Ghosts are only where we put them,” said Abby.


“Something Mitch said to me that makes more sense now,” said Abby as she picked up her Chardonnay and took a drink.  “He literally keeps his ghosts in the city, that way Willow Lake is free and clear.  As long as he avoids the city he’s fine.”

“Sounds familiar doesn’t it.”

Abby smirked at Caroline’s reversal.  “There aren’t just ghosts in Willow Lake, Deary.  There are plenty of ghoulies too.”

“I suppose there is at least one at the studio.”

“Tromping around in the darkness,” said Abby.  They both laughed and then there was a silence.  Caroline looked out the window.

“So what do you plan to do?” asked Caroline

“What I planned to do, I am going back to the city.”

Caroline looked out toward the lake and back at Abby, “You didn’t tell Mitch when you plan to leave did you.”

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