Chapter 32



“What did he tell you?” asked Caroline, unsure whether Mitch had shared too much.

“He told me he had a job in the city and that things weren’t working out so you brought him out here.”

“Did he tell you about anything before that?”

“Uh, yea, that he never really came back from Prague…  Oh, don’t tell me that this is all about this old girl friend floating around somewhere.”

“Nah, that was years ago.  What all did he tell you about her anyway?”

“That they had split up and that he had thought he could deal with it, but ended up chasing after her.  Only to find in the end that it was over ‘in the most romantic city in the world’ as he put it,” said Abby.  “I should have known he was still hung up.  How long were they together?”

“Couple of years,” said Caroline.


The conversation had turned to a direction that Caroline could exploit, so she continued, “Mitch, Marcy, and I went to school together.  We were tight.  The short of it is that Marcy decided overnight that she was too young to be tied down and needed to see the world so she headed to Europe.  She asked Mitch to respect it, which he did at first, yet it wasn’t too long that he was heartbroken.  I mean it was sad to watch.”  Caroline took a sip of her wine, “so, he finally went chasing after her and caught up with her and her girlfriend in Dublin, followed her through London, Paris and Prague, where she cut him loose.  She told him he needed to go.  He was devastated and stayed in Prague drunk for a season.  When he finally got back to the States he found out Marcy was living with some guy somewhere in Morocco.  He tried to get back on track and, well I think you know the rest.  He essentially had a breakdown in the city.  It broke my heart to see him tear himself apart, so Brian and I brought him out here.”

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