Chapter 32



 “So I don’t get the problem,” said Caroline.  She sipped her white wine then continued, “You wanted to meet someone, a great guy, and hit it off and from what you describe, it sounds like you found that in Mitch.  What are you complaining about?”

The tavern was empty apart from the cousins.  They sat at a table with a window that looked out toward the lake.  The outside was the only light to the interior.  Abby’s Chardonnay tasted smoky yet warm so she dropped in an ice cube from her water glass that melted without cooling the wine.

As much as Abby did not like what Caroline said she knew the words to be the truth.  Mitch did exhibit all signs of the suitor she was looking for.  Mitch was a great guy and they sure got along, this afternoon proved that in some intimate ways.  Abby did not think a relationship could be that simple though.  She had peered into Mitch’s eyes at the lake and saw turmoil.

“Maybe he is falling for you?” said Caroline, “That’s not the worst thing in the world.”

“He talks about the city like it will kill him if he returns there.  I know there is something that he is not telling me, and I am pretty sure it’s something you know,” said Abby.

Caroline’s forehead wrinkled at the socially awkward accusation.  She would have liked to dismiss the comment with a statement to Abby’s overreacting then decided that would not be best.  Abby looked at her and waited for a reply.

“I thought enough time had passed since I brought him out here.”

“Why did you bring him out here?  What kind of baggage are we talking about?”

“Well, where do I start?”

“Start with how you know Mitch, then how he ended up in Willow Lake,” said Abby.  Abby began to wonder if her cousin purposely withheld some piece of history, another ‘surprise’.

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