Chapter 31



The afternoon with Mitch went so well then ended so awkwardly.  The movie was fun and what followed was passionate.  Then things started to become not quite right.  Mitch had certainly been into her.  By the lake, Abby felt Mitch had become distant.  Did he become distant because of her?  Abby replayed the events in her mind.  Was she pushing him away?  Why had he been making advances and then, well then nothing.  He had put together the movie with popcorn and champagne.  Champagne, Abby thought that must mean something.  The signals that Mitch sent to her were now confusing her the more she thought about them.

Abby picked up her cell phone to call Caroline so that she could unload all of the thoughts racing around her head.  The cell had hardly any battery because Abby had not thought to charge the phone since she had been on the lake.  Unsure the signal would be strong enough to let her dial out while she was driving, Abby pulled the truck over to the side of the road and dialed.  Caroline picked up and Abby told her that she needed to see her.  She could not say much more because the phone connection was weak.  Once Abby told Caroline that she wanted to speak about Mitch, Caroline said to come right over.  Abby told her that she was literally on the other side of the lake.  So, the two decided to meet at the Stone tavern.

Abby felt relieved simply knowing she would have her cousin Caroline, her friend since childhood, to listen to her.  She pulled the truck back onto the road and drove to the village.  She focused on what to say to Caroline, and what to ask her.

* * * * *

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