Chapter 31



The light of the afternoon sun filtered through the pines and maples along the road.  The truck was old yet the heater had a strong fan that blew out toasty heat and the FM radio worked well.  A woman singing filled the truck with a song about someone treating her wrong, yet the words were lost on Abby.  She tapped to the music as her mind raced from Mitch to Will.  Abby had decided to take her time to get to the village.  She drove around Mount Frisia before heading north around the lake.

The awkwardness of Abby’s departure from Mitch was not lost on her and the thought crossed her mind that maybe she should take this as a sign and cool her urges a bit.  She had been spending a lot of time thinking about Mitch lately and perhaps subconsciously she was sublimating her actions with Mitch in preference to dealing with Will.  Perhaps she should not be thinking about Mitch at all.  A list of questions went through her head.  What point was there to thinking about Mitch?  If he did not want to go to the city, ever, and she did not want to stay out here, how could they ever make anything work?  Was there an anything?  Abby asked herself if she had been reading too much into their time together.  If so, how was she defining that time?  How was she defining that relationship?  Those were really the cards on the table after all.  They were each holding a hand at the same table in the same game.  There was a relationship between them and the more she thought the less she could deny.  A relationship was not something she was looking for yet she had found one just the same.  Now she was unsure of what that relationship was.

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