Chapter 30



“Avoiding it, or running away from it?” asked Mitch.

“Semantics,” said Abby as she turned back toward the house.  “I’m getting cold and I need to get back.  Will needs his truck this afternoon.”

They silently made their way back over the rocks and across Willow Lake road.  When they started back up the drive, both had their hands free and Mitch reached over to take Abby’s.  She let her fingers slip into his.  For a few moments she had been annoyed with Mitch yet as soon as she felt his thumb caress the back of her hand she melted.  A warm sensation cycled through her body.

Abby felt that her body betrayed her by wanting to be with Mitch.  She was not sure as to why he had more than once pointed out his distaste for the city.  She wondered if there was more to why he had come out to the lake.  She needed to sort out her feelings for Mitch and why his situation bothered her so much.  Caroline would tell her what Mitch would not.

When they got back to the pickup truck, Mitch opened the door for Abby and she pulled her hand away.  Where speaking had come easy before now things seemed awkward.  They searched for words to fill the space where simply saying goodbye would do.  Abby wanted to kiss him and pull him into the truck.  At the same time, she wanted to just go.  She felt that if she could just separate herself from him the building urges would calm.

Mitch wanted to say something grand or poetic.  He wanted to reach out to Abby and hold her.  Subconsciously he defeated himself, not even able to utter a word much less anything that would reflect the significance of his feelings.

The two were like school children, neither knew what to say, and the urges did not seem right no matter how strong.  So Mitch just said he would see Abby later, and she said, “ok.”  Mitch stood in the drive as Abby turned the truck around and they politely waved to each other before she drove away.

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