Chapter 30



 “Let me get this place straightened up and we can get out of here,” said Mitch.  Abby thought he sounded like he was apologizing.  Abby said nothing, relaxed her hands, and let Mitch’s hands slip away.  He raised his eyebrows before he looked away, an unspoken request for understanding.

Mitch took the bottle and popcorn bowl back to the kitchenette.  Abby stretched her arms high above her head.  The movement of blood through her body had sobered, cooled from the moment before.  She rose to the cushioned chair and stretched again.

“I was thinking we could walk off some of this popcorn,” said Mitch from the back room.  “Sounds great,” said Abby.  She was glad he had brought up the idea.  Their time together had her reeling inside and she needed to displace the energy trapped inside of her.

The two cleaned up silently, afraid to ignite more sparks while still inside.  After shutting down the theater, they stepped out the foyer to the double oak doors then into the crispness of the winter afternoon.  Mitch suggested a walk down to the lake so Abby took the lead down the driveway.  They each had both hands in their coat pockets.

There was no discernible sun.  Bright white cumulous clouds filled the sky trading light with the snow-covered ground.  When they rounded the bend of the driveway they could see across the lake.  Cars moved along the ice road and the lake was dotted with quad runners and snowmobiles.

At the bottom of the drive, they crossed Willow Lake road and Mitch launched himself over the snow bank onto a large rock among the field of rocks on the waters edge of South Cove.  Once there he reached down to Abby and helped her up.  They walked on the rocks, hopping from one to the other, skirting the shore as they went.  When they came to a boulder that jutted out into the ice like a cliff edge they walked to the end and stood.

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