Chapter 29



Abby’s whole body filled with adrenaline.  She had to have him closer.  She attempted to bring him into the chair.  He could feel adrenaline rushing through him as well.  This was not why he had asked her here yet he was compelled to lean forward by her unsaid invitation.  Abby locked her eyes to his.  His fingers caressed her forearms, his hands moving into hers.  He knelt on the floor and eased her off the chair.  She knelt beside him and they drew together in a tight embrace.  Abby’s body shivered as Mitch ran his fingers down the center of her back.  He then kissed her ear and the nape of her neck, sucking gently with several soft kisses down to her shoulder.  With these wonderful kisses Abby tilted her head back and closed her eyes.  She clasped tightly to his upper back where she could feel the muscles below his shoulder blades moving in unison with the massaging of his hand upon her breast.  To him she felt delicate and to her he felt so strong.  She grabbed his head with both of her hands and let her fingers work through his hair.  She pulled her face across his lips, letting him cover her in kisses, until her lips were upon his.  They eased down to the carpeted floor and went with their passions.

* * * * *

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