Chapter 29



The words ‘The End’ faded on and then off the silver screen.  Mitch lifted the remote and turned off the movie, triggering the curtain to close, and the lights to brighten to the amber setting that washed the room before the film.

“Isn’t that a great film?” said Abby.

“All class,” said Mitch, picking up the bottle of champagne to pour, only to see that they had emptied it.  “This went quick too.”

Impressed with Mitch, Abby looked into his deep eyes.  She lifted her feet up from the footrest and pulled her shins close to her.  Mitch thought she looked beautiful crouched in the big cushion chair.  Her chestnut hair radiated in the amber light and her eyes were sultry.  He realized now that the flaw in the theater was that the big cushion chairs were separated by the coffee tables.  She was so very far from him that to make any subtle move in her direction would be impossible.  Mitch thought that he saw in her eyes an invitation.  He was right.  Abby wanted him to kiss her again.  Mitch lightly sighed and stood up.

“I should pick this stuff up,” said Mitch.  He picked up the two flutes, put them in the hand already holding the neck of the champagne bottle, and then reached for the popcorn bowl.  Abby reached over and grabbed his wrist.  If Mitch was not going to make the next move than she would.

“Put those down,” said Abby.  As soon as Mitch set the flutes aside, Abby pulled him around to the front of her and then slid her arms up around his neck.  “This was so sweet of you.”

In Mitch’s eyes, Abby glowed and now he had permission to recapture the sensation of the other night.  He put his arms around her and leaned down, lightly pressing his lips to hers.  Abby had been waiting for him and pulled him tight to her as she gently kissed him.  He tasted sweet from the champagne and she felt like devouring him.  The longer they kissed, the more intense they pressed their lips together.

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