Chapter 29



They tapped their flutes together and Mitch hit the play button on the remote.  Immediately the lights of the theater went dark and a projector started behind them.  Up in the front of the theater the curtain slid to the side.  The screen lit silver, then black, then with trumpets playing the old Warner Brothers shield momentarily filled the screen, backlit in the shades of grey only found in older films.  The shield faded and was replaced by a large statue of an ominous black bird.

“You have got to be kidding,” said Abby.  The title screen rippled onto the screen, ‘The Maltese Falcon’.

“No I’m not.”

As the rest of the titles faded on and off the screen Abby started to laugh aloud.

Mitch laughed too, “What?”

“Here’s your art history lesson,” said Abby, quieting herself as the text of the prologue began scrolling up the screen.

“Oh yea, Knight Templar, Golden Falcon, pirates, got it.  No truth to any of it, eh?” asked Mitch.


As Bogart appeared on the screen, they clapped their hands together and cheered through his opening line, “Yea Sweetheart.”

Throughout the movie, they shared comments as each of the shady characters entered and exited the screen.  In the middle of the movie when Spade took Cairo’s gun away from him both reached for their champagne flutes in the center of the table between them, as they did their hands brushed against one another.  Neither of them pulled their hand away.  Abby reached out and lightly began to caress Mitch’s hand.  His fingers lightly responded, sending electricity up her arm and into her chest.  A couple of times during the film Mitch looked at Abby and thought what a gorgeous woman sat beside him.  They let their hands subtly roll within each other until the final scene when Bogart looked at Mary Astor crying in the elevator.

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